Wilmington, NC Engagement at Greenfield Lake with Hunter + Hannah


Myself and my assistant Bryan started off the day at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, NC as we scouted some locations for Hunter and Hannah's arrival. The weather was perfect but prior to meeting it was POURING RAIN! Luckily when we all convened at the lake the sun had come out and the lake's common grounds started filling with families in celebration of Easter weekend.

Funny enough, the (soon to be) groom, and I grew up together. We were good friends, neighbors, and classmates at Eaton Elementary in Wilmington, NC. I've always found it interesting how our paths take unique directions throughout time and it got me really excited when Hunter and his Fiancé, Hannah, showed an interest in having me document their engagement and wedding.

We had an awesome time exploring the Greenfield area and decided that we would do an outfit change about an hour or so after shooting at the lake. I thought it would be cool to visit Downtown Wilmington and get a bit of a different feel for the images, so we met at one of my favorite local coffee shops, 24 South Coffee House and proceeded to shoot around the area until sunset.

I'm so excited to share these images with you all!

Ethan Gaskill