Ashley + Scott | Engagement


Ashley + Scott | Engagement

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“We met in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during Gettysburg College's Homecoming Weekend in September 2013. Ashley is a graduate of Gettysburg (Class of 2011) and was back visiting friends, including one of her best friend's Allison, who had just started working there. Allison wanted to introduce Ashley to her new colleagues, one of whom was Scott. We sat that evening around a fire pit and the rest is history!

We've been together since that fall, so almost 6 years now, most of which was long distance. It wasn't always easy, but we made it work and, obviously, it was well worth it! Ashley lived in Massachusetts (and Maine, where she is from, for a brief period of time) while Scott was in Pennsylvania, then eventually making his way to North Carolina for his job at High Point University. After finishing her Master's degree in Boston, Ashley made the big move down to North Carolina to be with Scott and to take a position at Wake Forest University.

Nearly 4 years of a long distance relationship offers the opportunity to really get to know one another at a deep, core level. We didn't have much of a choice other than to spend evenings talking on the phone. Though we missed being together, it did have its benefits. We share in everything together and have worked hard to create and develop a deep foundational relationship of respect and love and support above everything else. We've shared some of the darkest moments of our lives together, losing parents and grandparents, and made it through stronger on the other side largely because of one another. Those experiences helped shape who we are, individually and as a couple. Now that we finally live together, we have only strengthened our connection. We love the chance to lounge on the couch on a Sunday afternoon instead of driving the other to an airport!

Scott proposed to Ashley in March 2018 at Fallingwater, just outside of Pittsburgh PA, a place near and dear to both our hearts. Scott took Ashley there during her first visit to Pittsburgh and both fell in love with Frank Lloyd Wright's brilliant architecture and the stunning and serene nature surrounding it. It was a picture perfect proposal overlooking the waterfall on an unseasonably warm day following a light snowfall the night before. The moment was photographed and shared by Scott's younger brother Nate (the best man in our wedding) and Scott's mom Lisa.

In planning our wedding, we were torn between locations that have a special place in our hearts- Maine, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Many people in Wilmington are surprised that we had no previous connection to the city. We wanted our wedding location to be accessible for planning purposes but were not willing to settle on anything but perfect. Wilmington, being right on the water and chalk full of adventures to be had, is perfect. We have loved getting to know the city and community better and it has come to be one of our favorite places to be. We look forward to many years of relaxing and exploring in this special little city.

Having been together for almost 6 years, we are SO ready to get married! We are looking forward to our wedding day, being able to share it with each other and with those we love. Every decision and detail that we have made has been to create a day that exemplifies our relationship and appreciates the love that we share and are surrounded by. We're so excited to celebrate with our close friends and family, to have an intimate, relaxed, and all around fun evening. We can't wait!”

— Ashley + Scott

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