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Are your considering me for your wedding?
I'm so excited - please read this!
I want to be more than just a vendor at your wedding because your wedding is more than just a job to me. It's an opportunity to connect and put a beautiful narrative to the most important day of your new married life.
Lets throw perfect poses and cheesy smiling shots out the door.
Sure - there is a time and place for planned/posed images but it's my aim to let my couples act freely, be real, and live in the moment. I love photographing your beautiful smile but i'd rather capture it in the midst of a big surprise visit from grandma who wasn't supposed to make the wedding or because your significant other whispered something super inappropriate in your ear.
I live for the un-staged imperfect moments that are more meaningful than any perfectly posed shot could ever be.
You may not realize it now, but photography is your one lasting investment for your wedding. After the wedding day, the candles are thrown out, the cake is wrapped up, the Flowers will eventually wilt, and your D-J will have packed up and gone.
 Your photographs will be handed down through generations and will only become more meaningful as time passes.

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